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In 1992, a message was received by the Eltham Historical Society from long-time Kangaroo Ground resident, the late Bruce Ness, that the teacher residence in the grounds of the Kangaroo Ground Primary School was no longer in use and that fears were being held that the Education Dept might be considering having it either demolished or removed. Bruce suggested that one way of preventing such an eventuality occurring would be for the Society to convert it into a museum.

It proved too big an ask for the Society’s then small membership, but one of its committee members, Mick Woiwod, offered to take the project in hand, himself.

Knowing little about museums, he gathered around him a small band of local volunteers to search out the best way forward. Wendy Bradley, one of this emerging group had recently completed her Museum Studies Course . another, Gary Paterson, was a practicing architect with a keen interest in history and this saw the museum get underway as an ongoing interim sub-committee of the Eltham Historical Society.

The obvious choice for a name was that of ‘Andrew Ross’ (1814-1895), the district’s first school-teacher who’d taught on the same site between 1851 and 1876.


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Andrew Ross Museum

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