Kangaroo Ground Horse and Pony Club

Known as the Kangaroo Ground Pony Club, has been in existence for 50 years. Its beginning in 1968 is thanks to the enthusiasm of Diana Bassett-Smith rallying many interested local families and initially, the Doughney family’s willingness for the Pony Club to use their property for Pony Club rallies.

They had a number of homes until they purchased their current grounds. It was through the generosity of Keith Radke, who was instrumental in achieving ownership of the present permanent grounds, that they were registered in September 1988.

2018 marks the 50th year of the Club whose Ideals; ‘encourage care of animals ….and encourage the highest ideals of sportsmanship’ have not altered.

Above: Pony Club Founder Diana  Bassett-Smith with her childhood pony

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