The Wrath of the Myndie




Wrath of the Myndie

Inspired by deeper insights into the ongoing story of the Wurundjeri people of the Yarra Valley, Wrath of the Myndie is a comprehensively re-written (and now illustrated edition of the author’s popular 1997 novel, the Last Cry).

As such, understand Wrath of the Myndie as much more than a rollicking tale of a young Wurundjeri hunter setting out in the 1840s to halt the region’s forever advancing squatters from stealing away the last of his people’s hunting grounds. See it, too, as a cautionary tale warning of what might conceivably happen to ourselves should we fail to learn from the lessons Ngayuk’s people had learnt the hard way over the millennia – that is, that the land has a capacity to strike back if not cared for and respected.


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