Tread Softly: You Tread on Dreams




‘TREAD SOFTLY’ You Tread on Dreams

154 pp. by Mick Woiwod, Kangaroo Ground Cemetery Trust, 2001

The Kangaroo Ground Pioneer Cemetery is the oldest operating cemetery in the Yarra Valley, it having opened in 1851 when the people of Kangaroo Ground had been faced with the need to find a place to bury, the 5 year-old sister of John and Joseph Furphy. For its first 140 years, its local trust managed cemetery affairs on a shoestring budget knowing that their turn too would inevitably come to pay burial fees. Of latter years its trust has been more upfront and has transformed its five or so acres into something its community can justifiably feel pride.

This book captures the legacy, religious and social events that influence The Kangaroo Ground Cemetery Trust’s responsibility in providing a special service in the local area.

Mick Woiwod’s writing takes us on a journey of how world events have affected the locals, with many tales of some of our famous and our more infamous characters.


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