War Memorial Park

On Garden Hill, standing 237metres above sea level was built The Kangaroo Ground Tower. It is in the War Memorial Park and commemorates those who died in World War 1. The design is based on a Scottish peel tower.

A fire-watch cabin was placed on the tower in 1974 and replaced after the Black Saturday fires of 2009 with a new tower housing up to date technology for fire spotting.



The region’s famous 15 metre high Tower of Remembrance was built in 1926, dedicated to the fallen of both World Wars and subsequent conflicts in which Australia’s Armed Forces have been involved. Over the past 60 years the tower has served its community too as one of the three manned Fire Watch Stations in place in the Yarra Valley to give early warning of bushfires within a 50 kilometre radius. After climbing the steep stairway to the platform on top of the existing stone tower there is to be seen, arguably, the best view of the Yarra Valley near Melbourne.

MOOR-RUL VIEWING PLATFORM, adjacent with the Kangaroo Ground War Memorial Park.

The name ‘Moor-rul is in recognition of its traditional owners’ Aboriginal name for the district. This accessible viewing platform creates a space for relaxing, reflecting and learning about our community both past and present.

The platform includes eight double-sided interpretive panels dealing with topics about the region’s Indigenous story, geology, flora & fauna and continuing land-use over the past 160 years.


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